Slim Size Electronic Earmuffs with Built-In Magna Lens® Magnets

Sale price$120.00

This is our slim version of our electronic earmuffs with built-in Magna Lens® magnets for use with our Magna Lens protective eyewear. Super comfortable and protective. 

The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 21. This rating is preserved through the use of Magna Lens eyewear that does not disrupt the seal of the earmuff pad against your head, preserving between 2 to 17 dB of sound attenuation compared to traditional eyewear.


  • One set of slim size electronic earmuffs with patented built-in Magna Lens magnets
  • Ultra comfortable, moisture wicking, synthetic leather ear cushions for an optimum noise seal
  • Slim configuration to allow for easier long gun shooting.
  • Volume and gain adjustments for each ear.
  • Uses two AAA batteries. Included.

Note: this item does not include eyewear.

U.S. Patent Numbers: 8621664 and 9168176