Our Story

Magna Lens was designed by an engineer and lifelong user of eye and ear protection who set to find a solution to the pain and discomfort associated with wearing earmuffs over traditional eyewear, thus causing the dreaded “pinching” discomfort. Up until now this discomfort has been an accepted byproduct of using earmuffs over safety eyewear.

The solution to this problem lies in the use of extremely strong magnets, which securely connect the patented Magna Lens eyewear to the outside of the earmuffs. This unique patented connection prevents the eyewear from being compressed under the earmuff cushions. This connection system also eliminates the “break” in the ear cushion seals which compromise the noise reduction effectiveness of the hearing protection.

In the past, this unwanted open gap between the ear cushion seal and the user’s head decreased the noise reduction rating of the hearing protection. With this gap now eliminated, user’s get the maximum noise protection from their earmuffs.

Importantly, the goal was not only to solve these longstanding problems with traditional eye and ear protection, but it was also to provide the highest quality eye protection available. After years of development, what we now have is a highly over-engineered lens that is like no other as far as optical quality and strength. Magna Lens utilizes an optical polycarbonate, one-piece, wrap around lens. This 2.9mm (.115″) thick lens was designed by one of the most highly regarded optical engineers in North America with major objectives being optical quality and impact resistance. The extra thick lens is designed to exceed ANSI ballistic impact specifications as well as ANSI optical specifications. We are proud to say that tooling, injection molding, optical coating and CNC lens finishing are all accomplished here in the USA.

Magna Lens is the most comfortable eye and ear safety protection you will ever wear. You will wish you made the change sooner.