Magna Lens® Adapter Kit (to add magnetic connection to standard muffs) - Glue On Version

Sale price$10.00

This adapter kit contains neodymium (rare earth) magnets and can be glued on to your existing muffs should you wish to use other muffs with the Magna Lens eyewear. Instructions included.

Please Note: While these work for most ear muffs, some ear muffs are incompatible with these adapters. Specifically, the headband apparatus that hinges onto the ear muff cup (often called muff "yoke") on some ear muff designs may overlie the location where you might want to optimally add these to your ear muff cups. We have developed new adapter pieces that are direct OEM replacements for the most popular brands of ear muffs, which do not need to be glued on and can be installed within seconds. Please check back with us soon if you do not see them listed on our website product pages.