Magna Lens® Patented Magnetic Protective Eyewear

The revolutionary Magna Lens eyewear features a patented magnetic connection that ensures a secure fit by attaching your eye protection directly to your earmuffs, eliminating discomfort associated with traditional gear. The high-performance lenses are over-engineered for optical excellence and impact resistance, setting a new standard in protective lenses.

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Product information:

Magna Lens has revolutionized eye and ear protection by combining cutting-edge innovation with unbeatable comfort. Our patented magnetic connection design ensures a secure fit by attaching your eye protection directly to your earmuffs, eliminating discomfort associated with traditional gear. Our high-performance lenses are over-engineered for optical excellence and impact resistance, setting a new standard in protective lenses. Our unique design also preserves the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of your earmuffs by an additional 2 to 17 dB compared to users who wear eyewear under earmuff pads.

This product page allows your to select what components you want in your kit. You may choose from 1, 2, or all 3 sets of eyewear (available in 3 lens colors). Then select whether you would like to receive a magnetic adapter for your own earmuffs, or if you would like to use our Magna Lens earmuffs with built-in neodymium magnets. Our full size electronic and passive earmuffs both feature an NRR of 25, and our slim electronic earmuffs feature an NRR of 21. These ratings are preserved through the use of Magna Lens eyewear that does not disrupt the seal of the earmuff pad against your head, preserving between 2 to 17 dB of sound attenuation compared to traditional eyewear.


High Performance Eyewear

Precision Lenses: This lens offers the highest optical performance, especially with regard to resolution and low distortion properties, making it a favorite among competition shooters and those who demand the highest optical quality.

Unique Spherical Lens: The purely spherical one-piece wrap around lens design ensures not only a high level of peripheral eye protection for safety, but it also minimizes optical distortion.

Extreme Strength: The 2.9mm thick polycarbonate lens was designed by one of the world’s most prominent optical engineers to achieve not only the highest grade of optical precision but it was also designed to be the strongest lens on the market. This lens exceeds MIL-spec blast testing standards.

Super Tough Frames: The adjustable frames are incredibly tough through the use of a proprietary plastic designed for extreme impact resistance, and this has yielded the most rugged frame imaginable. If a part of your frame ever breaks then we will happily replace it.

Customizable Fit: Our eyewear features adjustable side components, allowing you to personalize the fit to your specific head and face dimensions.

Frameless Lens Design: Allows for an unobstructed view at any angle which maximizes your field of vision and situational awareness.

Lens Protection: Lenses feature a UV protection and a scratch-resistant hardcoating.

Prescription Compatible: A prescription insert is available. Refer to the Accessories section of our website.

Versatile Earmuff Compatibility: Magnetic adapters are available to allow you to use Magna Lens eyewear with almost any brand of earmuff.

Multiple Colors: Lenses are available in multiple colors that are optimized for various environments.

Made in USA: Eyewear and magnetic adapters are proudly designed and manufactured entirely in the USA. (Earmuffs, cases, and other accessories are made in China.)

Unparalleled Comfort: Our patented design utilizes high quality neodymium magnets to securely attach the eyewear directly to earmuffs, which literally gives you the most comfortable way to wear earmuffs with eye protection. This system is a game-changer for shooters and will allow you to comfortably wear eye and ear protection for hours without the urge to remove them.

Enhanced Hearing Safety: While our eyewear is over-engineered for eye safety due to the thickness, strength, wraparound design, frameless design for situational awareness, and rugged frames, did you know that the Magna Lens system also improves hearing safety? The common practice of placing eyewear frames under protective earmuffs reduces the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) by 2 to 17 decibels (dB), which means that an earmuff with an NRR rating of 23 dB may only be providing 6 dB of sound attenuation. The Magna Lens design completely eliminates the loss of sound attenuation that occurs when eyewear are placed under the earmuff pads. This is important because many popular brands of hearing protection products do not offer adequate protection for shooters, who may unknowingly suffer hearing loss.

Package Contents:

  • Magna Lens eyewear assembly in your choice of one or all of the competition grade lenses: clear, yellow, or blue lens
  • One high quality rigid zipper case is included with your order of one eyewear assembly. When you order 2 or 3 eyewear assemblies, you will receive our large high quality rigid zipper case that can hold 3 sets of eyewear.
  • Soft eyewear pouch (one included with each eyewear assembly).
  • Lanyard.
  • Your selection of Magna Lens active (electronic) or passive (non-electronic) earmuffs or magnetic adapter components, the latter of which allows you to use the Magna Lens eyewear with your existing earmuffs.

U.S. Patent Numbers: 8621664 and 9168176

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