Magna Lens Three Lens Kit, Pinch Free Comfort Enhanced Eye/Ear Protection System


Each three lens kit includes:

  • One set of earmuffs
  • Eyewear assembly with clear lens (all purpose use), a yellow replacement lens (for low light) and a blue replacement lens (for bright sunlight).
  • One eyewear lanyard
  • One cloth eyewear pouch
  • Rx Snap-in Prescription Insert Available
  • U.S. Manufactured and Assembled Eye wear Components
  • The Most Comfortable Eye/Ear Protection Available Anywhere
  • Patent numbers:  8621664 and 9168176
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The only pinch free magnetically connected eye/ear safety system available anywhere. Don’t get pinched! Get Magna Lens, the most comfortable eye ear safety protection you will ever wear. Extremely high quality optics that magnetically attach to the outside of your earmuffs with high strength rare earth magnets. Magna Lens, LLC presents a new product to eye/ear protection users that will make their use of eye/ear safety protection more comfortable by eliminating the annoying, pinching discomfort associated with wearing safety eyewear under hearing protection earmuffs. The solution to this pinching problem lies in the use of extremely strong rare earth magnets which securely connect the Magna Lens eyewear to the outside of the earmuffs. This unique patented connection system prevents the eyewear from being compressed between the user’s head and earmuffs. This connection system also eliminates the open gaps caused when the side portions of traditional eyewear pass under the ear cushion seals of the earmuff. In the past, this unwanted open gap between the ear cushion seal and the user’s head decreased the noise reduction rating of the hearing protection. With this gap now eliminated, user’s get the maximum noise protection from their earmuffs. The Magna Lens system includes magnetically attachable eyewear along with custom earmuffs which have integrated magnetic attachment points. The earmuff assembly has ultra comfortable, moisture wicking, synthetic leather ear cushions for an optimum noise seal. The eyewear assembly has adjustable side components which allow the user to customize the fit of their Magna Lens system to their particular head and face dimensions. Two earmuffs in one! The 30db NRR earmuffs are convertible to a lower profile 27db NRR earmuff by removing a snap in modular spacer.

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